SigEps at Camp Big Sky

For quite a few years, Illinois Delta has been supporting the organization Camp Big Sky. There, mentally handicapped people can receive the full camping experience they may not be able to get at other places.

Visitors of Camp Big Sky can fish, build fires, go for a boat ride and enjoy the outdoors. The camp is has accommodations for wheelchairs and anything else a camper may need during their stay. Founder Brad Guidi operates the camp with the help of several motivated volunteers. He dedicated the park to his late brother who was mentally handicapped.

The SigEps of Illinois Delta have called Camp Big Sky their primary Philanthropy for some years now. We had supported them by planning fundraisers throughout the semester to help raise money for the camp. In recent years, brothers have been traveling to the camp to help with the handy work.

One way we have helped raise money for the camp is by having our annual date auction. We auction off brothers to willing buyers from around the campus to come and pay for the company of a SigEp. This has not only been a profitable event, but quite a fun one as well.

About two or three times a semester, brothers will travel to the camp to help lend a hand. We help open and close the camp, doing general outdoor work such and collecting firewood or clearing trait of debris. The facilitators always treat us with fantastic hospitality. They treat the brothers to a fish fry after a day of work.

For more information on Camp Big Sky, visit their website at